Henderson Investment Group is a full-service real estate corporation specializing in turnkey investment property services in Greater Charlotte. They assist and guide investors in locating, acquiring, renovating, managing, and selling strategic properties for individuals and investment organizations that want to add residential real estate in the Charlotte area to their portfolios.

Our team does everything needed to make a property investment work, from locating properties to assisting with the sales process and preparing the home for the market. They can also manage properties for their clients and assist in selling when the time comes. With this process, customers can focus more on growing their investment profitability while Henderson Investment Group handles the day-to-day property asset management.

A satisfied client had this to say about their recent experiences working with the Henderson Investment Group:

“My wife and I were the very first client of Henderson Investment Group. It worked great. It was very easy. Our Henderson Investment Group realtor found the property based on the match we had set up on our profile. She did an initial inspection, and we made an offer. The offer was accepted after a little bit of negotiation. And then we closed on the property. The Henderson Property’s team did the maintenance work needed to be done on the property. Then that same realtor put the property back on the market. We got five offers in the first two days. And so we made a sizeable profit on that very first one. I think I went to the house just one time during the whole process. It could have been done without even seeing the property. It was very easy, and I would recommend it to anyone out there who’s interested in getting into the business.”

Another client reports:

“The second flip that we did was a four-bedroom home. We made the offer on the property. My husband saw the property. I never saw the property. The realtor that we used at Henderson Properties assumed the role of project manager. She made sure that all the minor repairs were done. We completed the work, and everything went great. We had multiple offers and attributed that to their Sales Division and Maintenance Division.”

The Henderson Investment Group team comprises seasoned professionals dedicated to nurturing a client’s investment property throughout its lifecycle.

Phil Henderson, the president and founder of Henderson Properties, explains why this is a great time to invest in Charlotte.

“The time is now,” he says. “The Charlotte real estate market is hot. There’s no end in sight or of that slowing down, so the sooner you get in, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits from real estate investments in the Greater Charlotte area.”

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