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Is Matthews, NC a Good Place To Live?

Matthews, North Carolina, is a premier living destination within the Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC-SC Metro area. It is known for its blend of affordability, local parks, and unique location near Charlotte.

This detailed analysis, backed by compelling data and statistics, explores why Matthews is an attractive option for residents, investors, and retirees.

Affordability and Local Economics

Matthews presents a cost-effective living environment, with the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) ranking it at 201 out of 273 cities in the U.S. for cost of living.

Specifically, Matthews’ cost of living is pegged at 90.5% of the national average, positioning it as an averagely-priced U.S. city. This affordability extends across various living expenses, including housing, food, utilities, and transportation, which are pivotal in determining the overall monthly expenditure for singles and families, irrespective of their homeownership status.

Income and Housing Market

The financial and housing market landscape in Matthews, NC, has impressive income statistics and welcoming real estate data. Residents enjoy a higher standard of living, supported by income levels that far exceed the state average, making Matthews a standout choice for families and individuals. This is characterized by:

  • Elevated Median Household Income: At $96,195, households in Matthews earn 58% more than the North Carolina average.
  • Increased Individual Median Income: Individuals enjoy a median income of $45,385, 27% higher than the state’s figure.
  • Adherence to Affordability Rule: Housing costs align with the 28% affordability rule, ensuring financial comfort and stability.
  • Affordable Renting Options: The average rent for a 2-bedroom home is $1,283, making it 12% more affordable than the national average.
  • Competitive Home Prices: With a median home price of $625,000 and a cost per square foot at $248, Matthews offers valuable investment opportunities.

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Educational System

This commitment to education is prominently reflected in the suburb’s inclusion within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system, known for its high standards and dedication to fostering a nurturing learning environment.

Among the standout institutions that exemplify Matthews’ dedication to educational excellence are the Central Academy of Technology & Arts, known for its innovative approach to integrating technology and arts into the curriculum; Charlotte Engineering Early College, which prepares students for success in engineering fields with a highly rated program; Socrates Academy, emphasizing a rigorous academic experience; Union Prep Academy at Indian Trail, offering a comprehensive educational journey; and Providence High School, celebrated for its strong academic track record.

Community and Lifestyle

The suburb is celebrated for its safe, family-friendly environment, supported by a crime rate 25% below the national average.

The cultural and recreational amenities include art exhibits and special events like BeachFest and the Matthews Farmers Market. Furthermore, the downtown area, known for its historical significance and array of dining and shopping options, adds to Matthews’ charm.

Retirement Destination

Matthews is becoming a premier choice for retirees, noted for its exceptional quality of life and vibrant community offerings. Key reasons that highlight Matthews as an ideal retirement destination include:

  1. Matthews is celebrated as one of America’s leading towns for retirees, thanks to its comprehensive amenities and serene environment.
  2. The town boasts crime rates significantly below the national average, ensuring a safe and secure setting for seniors.
  3. With a strong sense of community spirit, Matthews offers numerous opportunities for social engagement and volunteerism, fostering deep connections among residents.
  4. Matthews’ rich historical backdrop and modern conveniences provide a unique blend of tranquility and accessibility. It appeals to seniors looking for a town that honors its past while embracing the future.

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