Property Maintenance Services

Renovate & Maintain Your Rental Property

Henderson Investment Group is your reliable partner for managing rental properties, renovating and maintaining them once they are rented. We understand the significance of keeping your property fresh and usable for tenants, as asset depreciation and uninvestable conditions are real challenges for property owners.

The Power of Predictive Maintenance

Our property maintenance professionals help you shift from a reactive maintenance strategy to a predictive one. This means we not only perform scheduled and reactive maintenance (fixing things that wear out or break right away) but also inspect and foresee when equipment will wear out, enabling proactive actions. This approach saves landlords from sudden, costly expenses. Other key Benefits of our property maintenance services:

  • Lower actual depreciation of assets while still claiming normal wear and tear on your taxes.
  • Happier tenants, leasing commitments kept, and the ability to raise rent prices.
  • Fewer big losses via emergency calls and lower costly repairs and replacements.
  • Fewer maintenance tickets, calls, complaints, and other matters that use staff time.
  • Increased owner confidence in the property management company.
  • Improved brand image and the ability to attract new landlord accounts.
  • Focus on predictive management via inspections rather than a reactive management strategy (which increases confidence and timely service as needed, thus reducing the time wasted on scheduled maintenance).

Hiring a Credible Property Service Provider

It’s essential to hire a property maintenance company with expertise and reliability. Whether you need specialized skills/training for older or newer equipment, operations that meet government safety standards, or a response to emergencies at any time of day or night, our maintenance professionals are well-equipped.

Some tasks our maintenance staff perform include:

  • Routine inspection of property, appliances, structural conditions, and machinery.
  • Maintenance of heating and cooling systems, plumbing systems, doorways, windows, roofing.
  • Repairing/replacing rooftop A/C systems, plumbing, electrical, lighting, swimming pool machinery.
  • Cleaning windows, painting, repairing drywall, and driveway snow removal.
  • Ensuring safety systems and fire detection systems are in working order.

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Seasonal Property Maintenance Tasks

Our service personnel keep your property safe and optimized all year round, managing seasonal-related matters to prevent repairs at the worst times.

  • Winter Maintenance: Includes roof inspection, snow and ice clearance, insulating and winterizing pipes, landscaping, tree pruning, flushing water heater, inspecting windows, and checking HVAC and fireplaces.
  • Spring Maintenance: Checking for broken or worn-out components, power washing sidewalks, wood decks, walls, and driveways, pruning problem vegetation, and inspecting early insect and pest infestation.
  • Summer Maintenance: Checking trees for weak branches, inspecting for damage after major storms, checking structural issues, aerating soil, fertilizing and seeding lawns, inspecting water tank furnace, cleaning washers and dryers.
  • Fall Maintenance: Painting exterior surfaces, checking eavestrough gutters, straightening and affixing gutter water drainage pipes, draining garden hoses, turning off external water valves, inspecting windows, storing summer furniture, and replacing air furnace filters.

Ready to Get Started?

Property maintenance services have never been more relevant and valuable. With the rising costs of rental property financing, transaction costs, and tenant turnover issues, landlords may hold onto their properties longer than they imagine. This makes the conscientious and consistent upkeep of operational components of your valued rental property essential.

Ready to invest in the maintenance of your rental properties? Henderson Investment Group is here to help you with all your property maintenance needs, from renovation to ongoing maintenance, ensuring the best return on your investment. Sign-up today to get started!

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